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Virtual Conference for Authors, Speakers, Coaches, Course Creators & Experts Ready to EXPLODE Their Brand & Message Worldwide!


Are you ready to 10x your impact & income with your own high ticket platform?

To reach your ideal prospects in today's rapidly changing marketplace requires more than just writing a book, more than a few speaking gigs, and more than having a successful mastermind - though those are all ingredients of your platform.


Your ideal clients are seeking you, the "would-be thought leader," to get deeply connected with your soul's truth - and to share it in multiple media and platforms, consistently and authentically, to make the difference you came to make with them.

And yes, it's for you even if you don't have decades of experience - we can save you years of time and much wasted effort and money in becoming a "force to be reckoned with."

This virtual conference can help you discover the very same secrets that have helped us grow from 0 to $750,000 in just over one year, build a platform touching more than 50 countries - investing just a few hours per week to serve our clients. Just imagine what could be possible for you!


Here’s What You’ll Learn

The High Ticket Thought Leader's Mindset & Frequency

The best plan in the world won't get you results if your mindset, energy and frequency is still in scarcity and small thinking. Discover how to quickly up-level to the next level of yourself and your work.

How to Position Yourself So You Are Seen as a Thought Leader

The key to rapidly becoming a thought leader - not just in your own mind but in the minds of your market - requires specific and strategic positioning.

Where should you start? With whom do you need to connect? And what needs to shift within your own mind and future vision to truly become a Thought Leader? We will share the secrets here.

Leverage Technology & Appropriate Advertising to Build Your Following

Learn how to gather your ideal prospects on demand, and build the know-like-trust factor quickly.

Then learn to turn your new connections into raving fans, followers and customers with the tips our ads manager will share.

Price & Position Your Offer for High-Ticket Buyers

Price becomes nearly irrelevant once people seek you out because they see you as the preferred expert - aka thought leader - in your micro-niche. Elevate your thinking and your strategy to start offering high-ticket prices - and positioning the value of your offer so your ideal clients can't wait to pull out their credit card.

Our Speakers

Marcia Bench, Host + Thought Leadership
Strategist for Women

Amanda Tobinski, Facebook Ads Expert

Sharon Mascarenhas, Sales Expert

Becky Pool, Launch Specialist

Sheila, Health Coach

Melanie Thompson, Career Coach

Stephanie O'Connell, Transition Coach

Janis Pullen, Mindset Expert

Kat Livingston, Dietician, Health Coach

Words of praise from happy clients

"Marcia, thanks to your help, I enrolled 14 new career coaching clients and 2 retainer clients in the last 7 weeks – and the flood just continues.”

--Melissa Beaudet, Career Coach Experts

"I made more than $7000 in a recent one-hour presentation – nearly 4 times what I would have been paid using my old approach!"

--Karen McGeehan, Inner View Nutrition

"Thanks to your help, I've reached $6000 per month in income helping entrepreneurs with their launches.

Woo hoo!"

--Becky Pool, Country Chicks Solutions

Our Agenda

We are so excited to welcome you to our conference!


8 AM PT: Welcome & Positioning Yourself as a Thought Leader in the Evolving Marketplace with Marcia Bench

9:30 AM PT: Building Your High Ticket Platform - the Order Matters PLUS How to Sell High Ticket with Marcia Bench & Guest

11 AM PT: How to Build Your Following Quickly with Facebook Ads with Amanda Tobinski

12:30 PM PT: High Ticket Pricing & Positioning Do's and Don't's with Marcia and Special Guest Experts

2 PM PT: Your Million Dollar Thought Leader Mindset & Plan with Marcia Bench & Team


During the virtual workshop LIVE sessions, you will find out how to get exclusive access to this BONUS VIP Day for no extra charge! Come to the live sessions for the secret instructions to get access to these "closed door" advanced sessions with Marcia and special guests!

  • Advanced Training: How to Turn Your Platform into a Million Dollar Thought Leader Brand for 2021 and Beyond
  • Exclusive Round Table: "Ask Them Anything" - Tell-All Q & A Session with Marcia and her VIP Clients

Ready to scale to 7 figures & beyond with your own global thought leadership platform?

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Words of praise from happy clients


Since working with you, I repackaged my services after years as a therapist, and enrolled just one client at $12,000 that paid for the entire investment in your program and more!” 

Dr. Harriet Korn
Relationship Coach


“I started with just $12.35 in my account when I enrolled. After just 3 months in the program, I’ve already collected $38,250 from new clients – I have more than doubled my investment!”

Wellness Coach

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Who's this conference for?

This virtual event is designed for:

  • authors,
  • speakers,
  • coaches,
  • course creators
  • healers,
  • therapists,
  • consultants
  • and other experts

who want to significantly increase their impact by developing a platform that positions you as a sought-after thought leader at premium fees

What do I get with my ticket?

  • Entry to all the live-streamed sessions August 4
  • 7 days of full access to the replays of every session
  • Recordings are available until midnight on Wed., August 11
  • High-level training and expert guests on platform-building, premium pricing, marketing, and current actionable strategies on how to start building your expert presence and increasing your reach and income quickly
  • Instructions to access a closed-door Q+A session with Marcia and real live clients

You attend FREE!

About Your Host

My name is Marcia Bench, and I literally invented the career coaching industry in 2001, and am now pioneering the Soul-Matched High-Ticket Revolution in my newest businesses founded just as the lockdown began in 2020.

I started my first business as a side hustle when I was a practicing lawyer back in 1986, and I’ve been working with women entrepreneurs like you ever since.  I’ve delivered thousands of live talks, thousands of webinars, and written 27 books, as well as coached hundreds of clients individually and in groups.

I bring my years of experience as a trainer, coach, author and speaker to each client, as well as my degrees in psychology and law and my coaching credentials, along with thousands of hours of mentoring and continuing education, to the table when we work together.  Oh, and I am also a former lawyer, a business numerologist, former executive and long-time student of metaphysics!

I am committed to help you build the platform, thought leadership and empire you desire – and a life you love! 


Step Into You 2.0!

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